Water Management and Drainage

Having to undertake water remediation measures on an existing structure is downright ugly, but SRP has the knowledge, equipment and resources to efficiently solve any water issues.

With a more uncertain climate, we are keenly aware that water management at your site is critical. Avoid potential future flooding repair costs by getting it done right when you first build, or expediting repairs when an existing structure has water damage. Contact SRP to design, build, or update your drainage system.

Water leaks from any structure can cause considerable damage resulting in unsafe conditions for residents, lost revenue with unhappy tenants, and premature deterioration of your infrastructure. Our services include repair of leaks to foundation walls, exterior parkade walls, roofs, residential basements and sewer lines.

SRP has over two decades of experience providing quality workmanship to protect your investment from the elements and efficiently solve unexpected water issues. Services include torch-on membranes, rubberized foundation coatings, regrading to shed excess water from building foundation, internal and external sumps, catch basins and trench drains.